Satori Energy Ranked #1 in Overall Supplier Satisfaction

CHICAGO – February 1, 2016 – Energy Research Consulting Group (ERCG), the most recognized consulting organization in the deregulated energy industry, ranked Satori Energy #1 in Overall Supplier Satisfaction as part of their recently completed national aggregator, broker, & consultant (ABC) study. Additionally, Satori ranked #1 in the “Number of suppliers citing Satori as a top ABCs by volume” and also ranked #1 in “Overall close-to-quote ratio”. These awards and statistics are determined by ERCG after accumulating and evaluating data provided by over 27 of the leading retail suppliers in deregulated markets nationwide. Suppliers also ranked Satori #1 in “Treating the supplier as a partner” and #2 in “Operating in the best interest of the customer.” This is the second consecutive year in which Satori received high rankings.

Satori President David C. Wiers attributes the continued success to company culture, teamwork, and philosophy, commenting, “We have worked very hard to create a standard of how we operate at Satori, and it is an honor to be recognized by our partners as an industry leader. Our culture encourages respect and teamwork in all of our business engagements. We value our suppliers as partners working toward “win-win” relationships on a daily basis and this philosophy helps to achieve the best possible results for our clients. I am proud of our team and how they consistently work to improve themselves and the stature of Satori in the marketplace.”

About Satori Energy
Satori Energy was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Chicago, and has evolved with the changing electricity markets over the past 13 years. Currently serving over 55,000 accounts, Satori has continued its mission to serve its clients through strategic energy procurement, risk management, market monitoring services and overall energy management solutions for clients in deregulated markets nationwide. For additional information, please visit

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Satori Energy Ranked #1 in Overall Supplier Satisfaction


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